Couple nights ago I was inspired to write a response to the popular song #NoMediocre … #MicAngelo and I filmed it #DIY yesterday in the beautiful #Mission in #SF … here’s the raw #gopro #SweetSixteen <3 

Now is a moment when using our voices to share compassion and humanism is so important… 

""That time" is when we set our lives in motion, when we stand up…by our own will and strength…when we summon forth strong faith and take our place on the grand stage of kosen rufu [world peace]…the moment you resolve from the depths of your heart, "Now I will stand up and fight!" 

I hope you advance with ever strengthening resolve… that we are free already…that “the enlightenment of all people…is a certainty”. 

-Daisaku Ikeda, “The Heart of the Lotus Sutra”

#OneLove #OneStruggle #FreePalestine #SalutetheRare #bless  

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for anyone who says rap and hip hop are the same or thinks dj kool herc is the father of hip hip hop

herc brought the party but socialism, civil rights, and black nationalism influenced artists like the last poets and gil scott heron brought hip hop’s history long before ‘73. straight up— if we ignore the bullshit white historians report as “the beginning of hip hop” and see its true roots in community empowerment and anti gang violence we cant deny that the message of the music has been so successfully co-opted and [un]helpful in promoting homophobia, misogyny, and black on black violence that we dont even look for hope in hip hop anymore.

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