Associations between transition- specific stress experience, nocturnal decline in ambulatory blood pressure, and C-reactive Protein levels among Transgender Men L. Zachary Dubois

For the TL;DR Crowd: stress associated with the physical and social changes hrt brings can result in increased disease risk however, a trans man’s stress and disease risk may only be elevated during the time society still does not read them as “fully” male (< 3 years on HRT)

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Goodbye Photo Career/Sex/DJing & Possibly Tumblr!

It was nice knowing you! Really though, what the fuck am I going to do with my life now?

This morning I woke up with a carpal boss (I’d advise the squeamish NOT google image search it) and 2 newly crooked fingers. My arthritis in officially winning our 12 year fight.

With 0 health insurance I have no idea how to remedy or let alone be seen about it. Most cases don’t require surgery but will affect mobility and use over time even if treated.

Grrrrreat, fuckin great.

“Mr Mason—Falling apart one limb at a time since 1999!”

Tis a sad sad day.

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