love like lightning: Text from my mother: “I just read Chaz Bono’s book. Figured it would...


Text from my mother: “I just read Chaz Bono’s book. Figured it would be a good starting point…”

My reply had to be split into six separate texts. Why did she have to start with Chaz fucking Bono? But in my heart of hearts, I know I can’t well send her Stone Butch Blues or Fausto-Sterling. I’m…

Oh my Goooooood NOOOOOOOO! Why do so many parents of trans men think reading Chaz’ book will help them understand us?

Personally, I wouldn’t have wasted 6 texts, I would’ve sent 1 that read: Mom, have you ever worn fishnets while dancing on a boat full of sailors in little more than a thong and leather jacket? No? Well Chaz and I have about as much in common as you and Cher do.

baaaah no just no chaz bono

Thoughts On the Documentary “Becoming Chaz”


A friend asked what I thought of the documentary via facebook and I thought I would post them on here as well:

I don’t really care for it, to be honest. In fact, I don’t care for it enough to even feign caring for it, or even pretend as if it’s a docu that is going to work wonders for the trans community, or even pretend like Chaz is a trans-advocate.

I say that for many reasons.

First, let’s address the documentary itself - I have issues with it centering around his top surgery. I think I’m becoming a bit disillusioned with trans visibility centering around the medical dynamics of their transition, mostly because it fails to address that there are many ways to be trans, many ways to transition, and that a lot of people opt out of hormones and/or surgery. I also hate how transitioning is seeing as one or two year personal venture when in reality it’s a life long process, both medically (if one chooses that route) or not. What I mean by this is that it will always be a process in terms of who you choose to come out to, if you choose to come out to people at all, as well as how one navigates the world in their now differently gendered body. Also, the documentary centering around the medicalization of his particular journey scares me because it was done in a way that makes the general public view transitioning as something that needs be pathologized.

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